Nov 01, 1999 OTH: WTB-PO: DS-RZ1ED-VW
Nov 02, 1999 OTH: WTB-PO: CFS210A
Nov 03, 1999 OTH: WTB-PO: want to SELL - CALL
Nov 04, 1999 OTH: WTS: Hard Drives!!!
Nov 08, 1999 OTH: WTB-PO: ST4766E
Nov 09, 1999 OTH: WTS: Compaq Server Options
Nov 10, 1999 OTH: WTS: WantToSell: NEC VERSA NOTEBOOKS!
Nov 11, 1999 OTH: WTS: WTS-Seagate DDS-3 DAT drive
Nov 12, 1999 OTH: WTB-P&A: Ultrastar 18ES Harddrives
Nov 13, 1999 OTH: WTS: NT Server 10 CAL Japanese
Nov 14, 1999 OTH: WTS: VIXEL Mod 1000 Fiber Hub
Nov 15, 1999 OTH: WTB-P&A: DEC 54-24486-01 & 54-22092-03
Nov 16, 1999 OTH: WTS: Technologic, Inc. Firewall
Nov 17, 1999 OTH: WTS: P3 XEON w/2MB cache for 7000M10
Nov 18, 1999 OTH: WTS: Risc 6000
Nov 19, 1999 OTH: WTB-PO: CALL DAVE EXT 12
Nov 20, 1999 OTH: WTB-PO: WTB McAfee Software
Nov 22, 1999 OTH: WTS: Everything but the giblets!
Nov 23, 1999 OTH: WTB-P&A: PCXRA-AR
Nov 24, 1999 OTH: WTB-P&A: ADIC SCALAR 220 OR 480 TOWER
Nov 25, 1999 OTH: WTB-PO: please call stacey
Nov 26, 1999 OTH: WTS: SUN 9.0 GB Hard Drive Fiber Chan
Nov 28, 1999 OTH: WTB-PO: ba356-jc
Nov 29, 1999 OTH: WTS: HP C5657A (DLT-7000)

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